Food is an obsession and it runs in the family. Whether it  be, eating it, cooking it or talking about it, the Simmo’s know food. Each member of my family has a different skill, some are more inclined to consume, while others like my mum are creators.

We focus our efforts on hearty, seasonal food that can be shared across a big dinner table over robust (read:raucous) conversation. My Nanna Hazel started it all by making
IMG_1385classics like passionfruit sponge. We continued it by cooking together as a family. Check out the gallery for some of our creations!

Music also plays a huge role in my writing  and my life. For Hannah and Howard, it’s also a central part of their story. I spend time and care in creating playlists for each of my stories, with each song meticulously chosen for a character or scene. There is a bit of diversity here and my approach to music is – don’t limit yourself.

I’ve included the playlists here but to whet the appetite, here are some (very few) of the most replayed songs on my Spotify account:

  • Nothin’s real but love – Rebecca Ferguson
  • Human Touch – Bruce Springsteen.
  • Only if for a night – Florence and the Machine
  • Taro – AltJ
  • Remedy – Adele
  • Sorry – Justin Bieber (don’t judge).