Black Knights Inc.

I can’t believe I’ve just come across these!

Written by the very talented Julie Ann Walker, this series is exciting and at times heartbreaking to read. Set in the windy city, Black Knights Inc. combines bikers and military men and well? You can’t get more Alpha than that.

Essentially, there is a group of Spec Ops guys living in a  compound in Chicago, completing high risk missions in secret, and running a bike shop in  public. The men are a mixed bag, some rough around the edges, others smooth like silk and all of them are funny, honourable and beautifully flawed. The trauma the characters have faced, be it in the field or in their youth, for example, are intertwined within the story so they convey the gravity of their experience in a way that is truthful and enlightening.

So, despite the potential for testosterone overload combining Bikers and Ex SEALs, these guys are smart, funny and in their own way vulnerable. I really like hearing the male point of view, getting that snapshot into how a man thinks and Julie Ann writes the male voice sooooo well.

Best bits for me?

  • Really colourful male and female characters – each is unique and in particular the male characters are strong and vulnerable in equal measure.
  • A good amount of romance and heat – the books have the right dose of lusty.
  • Humour – the voice of the characters will make you chuckle out loud.
  • Villains that you can get on board and really root against.

Favourite book so far is Thrill Ride. Rock is understated and Vanessa kicks ass. I listened to the audiobook and the Ragin Cajun sounded amazing.

So, if you are into action, a steamy romance and being drawn into the wider story of the Black nights then this series is for you.  To learn more click here.