Corps Security by Harper Sloan

Corps Security by Harper Sloan.

These books are awesome. Ex military men working in security is a common trope, but not everyone pulls it off. Harper Sloan does it easily with humour, raw emotion and swoon-worthy men with piercings that make you go cross-eyed.  Harper Sloan doesn’t shy away from the big issues, and in my favourite book of the series ‘Locke’, our fearless heroes are dealing with heavy, confronting issues that make your heart hurt.

The men are beautifully masculine without being Alpha A-holes. The women are relatable and interesting if you’re not like them. The love between them is strong and the connection between all the characters really jumps off the page.

These books will keep you interested with the action alone, but I was really drawn in by the development of the relationships, the humour and the heartbreaking battles the characters fight.  So, if you like funny, out-there characters, feeling like you’re part of the family and a good dose of lovin’, you should read these. Click here for more info.

I had the opportunity of meeting Harper at Fictionally Yours Melbourne. She is hysterical, and you need to read her books and follow her on social media.