Love Sabre

Sounds strange, right? Let me explain.

I’m belong to a tribe of crazy-in-a-good-way romance writers and we call ourselves the Love Sabrists. Our collective is all about supporting and encouraging each other, sharing ideas, knowledge and books to read, and most importantly taking the time to check in on each other when our lives spin out of control.

We met as first time conference attendees at the 2015 Romance Writers of Australia conference in Melbourne, bonding instantly despite coming from different walks of life and writing very different genres romance. It was largely nervousness that drew us together but it was our inappropriate humour and love of terrible euphemisms that solidified that bond.

After that fortuitous conference, we met again the following year in Adelaide and decided that we would each write short a story using our favourite euphemism from the previous year …sheathe your love sabre…. and try to get it published.

And in 2017, it happened! Our Love Sabre anthology was picked up by Boroughs Publishing Group and is now on sale!

You can learn more about us here.