Midnight Series

These books hooked me in, because the men were austere, buff, tall (I’m tall and a romance novel about a guy shorter than me doesn’t cut it), clever but also had a vulnerable side.

Lisa Marie Rice has done her homework! I  liked the references to military jargon, there was just enough to intrigue and inform, without sounding wanky. While the women were all facing some issues, I liked that the men doubted their confidence and couldn’t believe their luck at finding women who were interested in them. It’s nice to know women aren’t the only ones to worry.

These books have a good dose of intimacy, and the build up is great. That said, I’m not sure if grown ass SEALs really have that much of hard time keeping a lid on their tent-poles. If I knew men who had that much trouble controlling their hard-ons I wouldn’t know where to look!

They are quick to fall in love, a fantasy not a reality in my opinion, but one I love to read about. The women also have really interesting careers, all artsy and they describe what they do well. I love to read about women who know their career and talents.

I think though, outside of the romance, there are two things I loved about these books. The first is Portland – Lisa Marie Rice really sets the scene with the weather, tone and references to the city. I am dying to go now! The second is the suspense. These novels end up getting your blood pumping for a different reason, as the storyline escalates and you wonder how on earth they are all going to survive.

My favourite men are John Huntington, Metal and Joe Harris. My favourite girls are Suzanne, Allegra and Clare.  For more info checkout Lisa’s website.