Writing inspiration

My reading has always focused on romance. I love the anticipation, the pulling at the heartstrings and the optimism romance novels hold. When I started to write romance, I realised it was not only a powerful vehicle for opening a conversation with women about love and life’s challenges, but that you could connect with people about the common desire we share, to find love and happiness with another person.

If I had to list my top 5 series that got my nose out of a book and my hands at the keyboard, these would be the top 5. That said, this is a difficult challenge and if you asked me tomorrow, it might look different!

Anyway, here it goes:

  1. The Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley. I love, love, love these books.  The women are crazy, fun and the kind of girls you want to share a vino with and the men are tough, in charge and dedicated to their women. But for me, it’s the side characters and the humour they bring that sticks with me long after the last page.  My favourite book is Sadie’s story but it’s sooo hard to pick.
  2. The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. This series took me on an adventure down the rabbit hole of vampires, witches, magic and romance. The characters are strong and if you aren’t sure about the romantic appeal of blood suckers, then this is a great series to cut your teeth on. It’s slower moving and more serious, so for those Austen fans out there, it’s a good blend.
  3. The KGI Series by Maya Banks. Maya has created a world of hot men with kickass military training and women who find themselves in some pretty challenging situations. These men (and sometimes women) save the day in an action packed adventure that shows that these tough alphas can save the day, but it’s the women who save everything else. These appeal to me because although I’d like to think I can save myself, part of me likes the idea of being rescued and swept off my feet at the same time. My picks are Steele and Swanny’s story.
  4. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. The books in this series keep getting better and better. The stories are all woven together and while a book may focus on one brother finding his soulmate, you get to keep in touch with everyone else at the same time. I love a little fantasy and the vampires of the Brotherhood certainly fit the bill, given they are big, badass, hysterical and sexually dominant. I also love the dialogue in the books, it cracks me up  and I love getting lost in the world the author has created. I love Rhage’s two stories but Z comes a close second.
  5. The Colorado Mountain series by Kristen Ashley. Yep, she gets in twice, and in reality, her Burg and Magdalene Series are awesome too. I love this series because these are ordinary people, not billionaires, fashion designers or utterly tragic victims. All the voices are strong, the relationships real and the backdrop makes me want to move to Colorado. I particularly loved Lady Luck and Bounty.