Delicious More Please Recipe Challenge

See below for the recipes I’ve tried so far. Feel free to comment!

Pork Belly with Caramel Dressing

Pork Belly is really easy to cook and this a fail safe, straight forward recipe. I cook it for a little longer at the start so I am sure to get crackle (I LOVE CRACKLE) and a bit longer when it is down low to be sure it’s tender. The sauce is a beautiful accompaniment – I love the twang of the lime juice and the fragrance of the Star Anise.

Jude (Mum) loved it and recommended I make it again soon, which is really saying something. Two side notes; 1) we have access to local free range, chestnut fed pork and they only give us girl pigs so our base product is perfect. 2) cut the nipples off. My husband thinks it’s funny. I think it’s just weird.

We served it with some sides from Simple (Ottolenghi) but you could do anything really.

Asian Poached Beef on a string

Jude, my mum was very dubious about this one. Why on earth would you take top quality eye fillet, and cook it in broth? Well, I am happy to say that everyone, including the toughest food critics I know – my mum and my husband’s dad, woofed it off and wanted more.

This was relatively easy to do – and the Wasabi Mash and asian greens were a perfect accompaniment. This meal is perfect for a dinner party of 4-6, looks awesome on the plate, doesn’t require too much work (1 hour – max) and is a meal where all the components seem like they belong.  This is a make again recipe.

Note: I didn’t have beef stock so I used chicken and added vegemite. I also didn’t have any dried orange peel so I used double the amount of fresh orange peel.

Spicy Bean Soup with cumin Puris

It was a freezing day when I made this, and it did a good job of warming us up. I had most things in my pantry, including bought Korma Paste and Cannellini Beans. I didn’t quite have enough carrots so I added celery and it was fine. I also used more curry paste than prescribed but I like it hot ….!

The breads were worth the effort and they looked amazing. I would make this again.

Lemon Chicken and Artichoke Pasta

This was a quick, easy pasta dish that you can make from pantry items. We have kids so our pasta meals tend to be a bit repetitive. I love Spag Bol but sometimes I need a change. My husband was sceptical about using jarred artichokes, but he got over it because this was delicious. Nice and lemony with not too much sauce to bog it down, this dish was refreshing. I would just increase the rocket leaves because it makes it healthier and finish with some chilli oil. We will certainly make this again.

Bread and Butter Pudding with Seville Orange Marmalade

Bread and Butter Pudding is a favourite in this house, and often how I use up excess Panettone (don’t hate me, but I don’t love it).  I’ve made this recipe a few times, either with fruit Panettone or Brioche. I use mum’s manmade because it’s homemade and we grow excess citrus. I also have used blood orange which is a nice touch too.

Everyone loves this recipe because the pudding itself has a great texture. The oranges and marmalade cut through the sweetness making it an adult dessert. I usually make it in advance and reheat when I have visitors. This is absolutely a make again recipe.