Luckily for me, I live in one of the best places on earth. Don’t believe me? Let me explain.



There are loads of places to eat and drink, including wineries.The fact that this is number one probably says a lot about me.

One of my favourite places to hang is Ringer Reef Winery. Not only are the views incredible and the sparkling merlot to die for, owners Annie and Bruce are as kind and generous as you’ll find.

The area is also full of awesome places to eat, in particular (but in no order):

  • Cherry Walk – for breakky or lunch to enjoy good coffee, homemade food and happy staff.
  • The Snowline Hotel – killer location and awesome food. Harrretville is a beautiful place and worth a visit.
  • The Wandi pub – dead cool without trying, they appeal to my love of food that is both humble and delicious. Sunday afternoon tunes aren’t half bad either, especially when you’re surrounded by mountains.


It’s beautiful, and I mean seriously beautiful. You see, Bright has it all going on. There are snow capped mountains, national parks, a river and vineyards to look at. Aside from not having a beach, this place has it all and is full of inspiring places to sit, ponder and develop plots.


Like walking and/or looking at beautiful things? Move to Bright.  Immediately.

The Mount Buffalo National Park and local rivers areas have a heap of walking tracks to keep fit or to show off your active wear.

There are also some great shops in bright, my favourites are:

  • The Bright Table – amazing tableware. They make my rustic creations look a little classy. I dare you not to spend.
  • Bowerbird – homewares that are unique and classy. I fight a gravitational pull every time I walk past….
  • Winding Road Studio– Not only is the owner and artist an awesome chick, she is massively talented.  From prints to light boxes, she captures country and cool.


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