My Books

Alpine Valley Book 1 

Having had enough of cheating rat bastards, Hannah rebuilt her life and career, making a home in the beautiful Alpine Valley town of Bright and managing a welfare service. Hannah has high morals, wild friends, insane dogs and a love of food to keep her occupied. It isn’t until she meets the best man in her friends wedding that she realises she’s ready for love, a partner in crime and a family.

Howard is reserved, panty-incinerating and extremely mysterious. Arrogant one minute, shy the next, she can’t get the sight, nor smell nor thought of him out of her mind. Howard too is fascinated and for the first time in years, he looks at a woman with genuine interest. Having avoided intimacy she makes him want more for himself, and after a weekend of Bruce Springsteen, wood chopping, maniac stripper dancing and her home cooking, Howard is hooked.

So, what’s the problem?

Chemistry? Check. Compatibility? Check. Desire? Check.

Oh yeah – Baggage…?Check.

Stay tuned for the release date.

Work in progress – “Locked Up”

Rose was going to be eaten alive and she knew it. Looking like an ice princess, living life as a sheltered student and hiding the fact she was a 28 year old virgin, it was obvious she had no place in a prison. That’s exactly why she did it. It was time to see what she was made of. What she did not expect was to fall in love with a surly, scarred, handsome as hell ex SAS soldier, who was locked up for murder.

Well, at least life was going to be interested.

Mack was pissed as hell when he saw her beautiful and completely oblivious ass strut across the exercise yard. How on earth was he going to protect her? She was innocent. Way too innocent for the scum in this hell hole and so far our of his league it wasn’t even funny.  But then, she wasn’t the only innocent person inside the private prison. So while protecting the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, he had to find a way to prove his innocence.

And he had thought getting into the SAS was hard.



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