Hi there!

I write contemporary romance, with a bent towards humour and a little spice. For me, 034reading is like taking my brain on a wonderful, exciting holiday and when I read (or listen to audiobooks) I’m transported. It’s that feeling, that immersion, that heart soaring dizziness you get when you fall in love with a story that gave me the push to write my own.

At the beginning I didn’t think I’d be able to face a computer after working all day, but what do you know? I loved it. Working in homelessness can be flat out depressing. But with my writing, I could change my character’s destiny. And that’s what I love about the romance genre. It can cover serious topics, incorporate important issues to all of us and still engage your heart, mind and soul. It’s a powerful thing and there are lots of writers out there tackling the hardest topics, and getting readers to think differently.

I’m most inspired by Kristen Ashley, Maya Banks, JR Ward, Kylie Scott, Deborah Harkness and Julie Ann Walker. Their books mean something to me, and changed me in some way.

I also have lots of inspirations for my writing; family, friends, music, where I live and what I enjoy doing (including cooking and eating), and all of these things are in the words I put on the page.

I also have a tribe of beautiful, amazing women who also write romance at my back. As is our mantra, I’ve found my tribe and I love them hard. To learn more about them, check out the Love Sabre Tribe.



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